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World scale. The world maps of BOCProject are based on hexagonal tiles.

Features of scale[edit | edit source]

The worlds of BOCproject bring huge expansion worlds for plays, along with the scale size, the exploration mechanics is very important, the fog of war doesn't exist, the units and players sight range are limited by the Earth’s curvature, the world maps of BOCproject have exactly same earth's curvature.

Dimensions[edit | edit source]

The world of BOCproject go from micro maps 8x8 up to global scale maps 512x384, which is more than 196.000 hexagonal tiles without any intermediate load screen,
this breaks the current world record by three times. The most common size maps are:
  • Micro maps:
    from 8 x 8, up to 64 x 64,this map size is thinking to bring skirmishes and sudden death games.
  • Small maps:
    128 x 128, 16.384 total tiles, this map size is thinking to contain several countries as a parts of an sub continent.
  • Normal maps
    256 x 256, 65.536 total tiles, this map size is thinking to contain an entire continent or some parts from few subcontinents.
  • Big maps:
    512 x 384, 196.608 total tiles, this map size is thinking to contain various entire continents and a several parts of subcontinents.